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SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

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Do you need SR-22 motorcycle insurance after DUI?

Driving recklessly under the influence can get you a DUI charge. This violation isn’t pretty on your driving record as you end up paying a huge fine, and in most cases, your driving license will also be suspended. Meanwhile, if you are convicted of a DUI while riding a motorcycle, you’ll need to file SR-22 motorcycle insurance to bail you out. You might think this is for cars only, but SR-22 insurance is also needed for motorcyclists who want to get their license reinstated. In fact, without an SR-22, you might never get back on the road after being convicted of a DUI. 

Although not all states have SR-22 motorcycle insurance, many states allow you to file an SR-22 CFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) along with your motorcycle insurance policy. To get SR-22 for your motorcycle, your insurance company goes through DMV( Department of Motor Vehicles) and convinces them that you are fit, judging by the state’s liability requirements. Your insurance provider uses a breath test to help with filing SR-22. Getting a motorcycle CFR will help expedite your license restoration and help you hit the road faster.

Why to get SR-22 motorcycle insurance

Buying a motorcycle helps you get an affordable SR-22 motorcycle policy which is a less expensive option when compared to liability coverage for cars. You can expect to pay between $300 -$800 for six months or $50- $133 monthly. Your insurance company also charges a small filing fee of $25 – $50 for filing a SR-22 insurance policy on your behalf with the DMV. Most importantly, your CFR cost is influenced by the coverage type you need, and your past driving record with the DMV. 

If you want to enjoy low rates on your policy, you have to avoid sports motorcycles. Just like expensive cars, they make your insurance costs go up. The cost of getting an SR-22 insurance for your motorcycle is also influenced by your motorcycle’s model and performance, your location, gender, driving record, and age. These factors determine if you end up with a cheap coverage or an expensive one.

Get a Free, No-obligation SR22 Auto Insurance Quotes

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How long will I need to maintain my SR-22 motorcycle insurance?

When it comes to the duration period for your SR-22 motorcycle insurance, it depends on the state you are living in. Some require you to keep the CFR for at least three years, while others demand five years, and canceling this before this time will have consequences. To clear your driving records of the DUI charge, you need to abide by the state laws.

If you cancel/let your SR-22 insurance policy lapse prematurely, your insurance provider will file an SR26 with DMV, informing them about the lapse in your SR-22. After which the DMV will suspend your driving privileges until you get your SR-22 renewed. So make sure to continuously monitor your SR-22 policy. 

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