How Long Are You Termed as a High-Risk Driver?​

How Long Are You Termed as a High-Risk Driver?​

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Drivers can be deemed as high-risk by many car insurance companies for various reasons. If you’ve been marked for traffic violations, it’s certainly going to be a challenge for you to get coverage. Luckily, the “high-risk” label isn’t permanent. With time and due diligence, you can transition out of that category. Here’s a guide on how long a driver is typically considered risky.

When Does the High-Risk Driver Label Go Away?

Serious Violations

A DUI/DWI penalty in Ohio, can affect your car insurance coverage for up to five years. If you’re convicted, the DMV will require proof of SR-22 insurance, which is documentation that shows you have purchased coverage. Other serious violations include having multiple DUIs or DWIs and driving with a suspended license

Insurance Lapses​

You would be considered a risk by car insurance companies if you let your policy lapse. This will likely result in higher rates for at least six months. Post this duration, you can ask your agent about cheaper coverage. In order to avoid penalty make sure you pay your premiums on time and never drop the policy before the term ends.

Ticket Accumulation​

Getting numerous tickets in a short window could also put you in the high-risk category for up to three years. Some car insurance companies may move you back into the standard driver group once the oldest ticket is paid off and settled. Keep track of the dates of your ticketed violations. This will help you determine when you become eligible to be removed from the high-risk category.

New Drivers

Because of their limited experience, younger and new drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. Hence, their insurance rates are typically higher. If you want to move out of the high-risk group, avoid traffic violations and be patient. Eventually, as new drivers age and build a clean driving record, they can secure cheaper premium because they are considered more responsible behind the wheel.

Being a high-risk driver doesn’t have to be a permanent label. There are useful steps you can take to get less expensive rates from car insurance companies. If you’re struggling to get coverage call us for a free quote 888-885-3948.

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