Liberty Mutual SR22 Insurance: Is Liberty Mutual right for me?

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An SR22 is a Certificate of Financial responsibility that verifies that a driver is carrying the state required minimum amount of car insurance coverage. If you need SR22 insurance, your first step to filing an SR-22 is to first get an auto insurance policy with a trusted provider like Liberty Mutual. If you are already insured with Liberty Mutual, you can simply ask them to file an SR22 with the DMV on your behalf.

When you are required to file SR-22, the state will usually notify you by mail. The terms and requirements vary by state however in most cases you are required to retain the SR-22 for approximately 3 years. If you fail to maintain SR-22 or when your policy lapses, the insurance company is required by law to notify the state. DMV will then suspend your license until you obtain the required vehicle insurance coverage.

If you need SR22 insurance, the smartest way to get one is to browse around and get Free SR22 insurance quotes from various providers and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Liberty Mutual offers auto insurance with annual premium that includes SR-22 and DUI. It will file SR22 with DMV on your behalf for a small filing fees that range from $25 to $50.

Liberty Mutual is one of the best auto insurance companies for drivers of all types. Its SR22 insurance covers drivers classified as “high-risk” by their state’s department of motor vehicles. According to WalletHub’s research, Liberty Mutual is ranked in the 3rd quartile among major car insurance companies in terms of price.

Liberty Mutual has a history of working with high-risk drivers helping them maintain their insurance and driving privileges. It also offers myriads of discounts to its members.

Here are a few top discounts offered by Liberty Mutual: Homeowner, early shopper, online quote (up to 12%), and up to 30% for using Liberty Mutual’s telematics program, RightTrack.

Does Liberty Mutual offer an SR22 Insurance?

Yes, Liberty Mutual offers SR22 insurance. It will charge you a small fee ranging between $25 and $50 to file your SR22 insurance with the DMV on your behalf. Premium rates are usually high for high risk drivers. For severe violations, it could even deny you insurance coverage.

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Why Choose Liberty Mutual as your SR22 insurance provider?

Overview of Liberty Mutual ratings:

  • Reviews on WalletHub: 3.2/5
  • J.D. Power: 3.2 ★ out of 5
  • BBB: A+

Most auto insurance companies increase your premium rates after you drive under the influence (DUI). Liberty Mutual SR22 insurance rates are highly competitive when compared with most other top providers.

However, while shopping for auto insurance with SR-22, you may want to look around for companies that offer the smallest rate increase after a DUI, those with large discounts, and those that focus on offering coverage to high-risk drivers.

How can I get an SR-22/FR-44 from Liberty Mutual?

You need to be a Liberty Mutual customer to obtain SR-22 from Liberty Mutual. If you are currently insured with Liberty Mutual, contact Customer Service at 800-295-2820. It will be able to review your existing policy and initiate the process of filing SR-22 with your state DMV on your behalf.

If you don't have an active policy with Liberty Mutual, you will need to start one by getting a free car insurance quote from Liberty Mutual.

Does Liberty Mutual offer non owner SR-22 Insurance?

Yes. Liberty Mutual offers non owner car insurance for drivers who don't own a car but still need to be insured. The costs for non-owners SR-22 vary by your age, gender, ZIP code, and reason for the additional layer of coverage. It’s best to call and speak with Customer Service for more information.

Does Liberty Mutual insure you if you have a DUI?

Yes, you can still get insurance from Liberty Mutual even if you have a DUI or you are a high risk driver. Liberty Mutual will also file SR-22 on your behalf with your state DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles) for a small fee.

How much does Liberty Mutual SR22 insurance cost?

Liberty Mutual SR22 insurance rates are usually lower than most companies. However, it may vary depending on your driving history, your state, coverage limits, and other factors such as driving infractions on your record. It’s best to call and speak with customer service for more information.

Liberty Mutual also charges a one-time filing fee of $25 to $50 when handling SR-22 document requests.

The best way to find cheap SR22 insurance is to browse around and get quotes from different providers to compare rates. You can call us at our toll-free number 888-885-3948. One of our executives will help you get FREE SR22 insurance quotes from top insurance companies. You can compare rates and save big!

Get a Free, No-obligation SR22 Auto Insurance Quote

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