If you have gotten in trouble due to a DUI (its called Operating under the influence,OVI in Ohio) or a dangerous accident on the roads of Ohio, you are likely to be required to file SR-22 insurance to show proof of financial responsibility. You will be required to get SR-22 insurance in Ohio for incidents like

  • Insurance-related incidents,like driving without your own auto insurance or being involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle
  • DUI/DWI related incidents, like drink and drive or possession of any illicit substance in your car
  • Ticketing incidents, like the number of speeding tickets you got or the number of traffic violations you did
  • Other incidents, like refusing a breathalyzer test

How to Get SR-22 Insurance in Ohio?

Filing SR22 Certificate in State of Ohio is presently hassle-free with SR22Insurancenow. We will help you to get connected to the top Ohio SR22 providers where you can talk to our experts, compare quotes, and save big. Our experts can get you the best SR22 Insurance quotes with a single phone call

Ohio OVI/DUI Laws & Penalties

According to the state of Ohio, operating a vehicle under the influence is the same as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Ohio’s law divides drunk driving offenses into two tiers based on the BAC level. Low-level OVI includes a BAC of .08% to .17%. The penalties for Low-level OVI includes 3 days jail time, 1-year license suspension and a minimum fine of $375 (for first timers). High-level OVI includes a BAC above .18%. The penalties for High-level OVI includes 6 days jail time, 3-year license suspension and a minimum fine of $1075, installation of an ignition interlock device (for first timers)

Non Owner SR22 Insurance In Ohio

In Ohio Non owners SR22 insurance is required by drivers who drive a car but don’t own it. This includes coverage for any damage caused by the driver while driving. SR22InsuranceNow will help in finding insurance companies that offer non-owner SR22 insurance in Ohio. It just takes a couple of minutes and you can undoubtedly have your SR22 documented today.