Drunk driving among students and teens

Drunk driving among students & teens

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Drinking and driving is a major issue in the United states. Although the legal drinking age is 21, you can find a lot of teenagers out there drinking. Because of this, teen drinking and driving has become a major issue in this country too. 

Here are a few statistic, you should know about Underage drunk driving 

Drinking and driving does not only affect those who are legally able to buy and drink alcohol. MADD has provided some stats and facts to prove that point:

  • 4,300 people are killed each year as a result of drunk driving among teenagers.
  • One in seven teenagers binge drinks.
  • The number one cause of teenage deaths are due to car crashes and drunk driving.
  • 25% of car crashes that involved teenagers included an underage drinking driver.
  • 74% of the young DUI drivers involved in fatal accidents were unrestrained at the point of impact.


Drunk driving among teenagers is a real issue. A 2013 survey showed that nearly half of all 10th graders admitted to drinking alcohol. Licensed drivers under 21 are responsible for 17% of fatal alcohol related crashes, although only 10% of licensed drivers are under 21. This is concerning and as parents of these young drivers, this could be taxing not only emotionally but also financially.

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Drunk Teenage drivers and their passengers are most likely to get hurt and/or killed in a car accidents for a number of reckless reasons. Drunk drivers are not in a completely lucid state of mind and therefore are most likely to forget to wear seatbelts. They are more likely to get distracted with their mobile phones and often make poor choices during driving that is not only dangerous to them but also to other commuters and people on the streets.

When it comes to driving, most teens are not as careful about driving with impaired drivers as they should be. A survey conducted in 2013 revealed that 22% of teenagers have been in a car with someone who had been drunk driving. Even 10% of students that drove admitted to drinking and driving at some point.

Many young people die due to alcohol. The legal blood alcohol limit for underage drivers is .02, while it is .08 for drivers over 21. Unfortunately, teen driver statistics show that in fatal accidents, the BAC is .40 on average due to binge drinking. 

Drunk driving or DUI is a major offence in the United states, Even a first offense can give you 2 months of jail time, a fine up to $1,000 and a 6 month license suspension. And if you are a repeat offender could give you a year of imprisonment, a fine of up to $2,000 and a year without a license. Additionally you will also be booked with other penalties such as DUI charges, consuming and possessing alcohol being a minor, child endangerment, possessing false identification and more. 

And that’s not the end of it, auto insurance rates for a teenager who has DUI charges can be very high, such as $200 per month. Even getting these insurance is very hard as most insurance companies refuse to insure entirely.

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Additionally in order for a teenager with a Teen DUI to get back behind the wheel, you will need to take out a SR-22 insurance to reinstate your licence. 

An SR22 insurance is a form that you will need to file with your state to show that you are meeting your state’s minimum auto liability insurance requirements to start driving again. An SR-22 is also known as a certificate of financial responsibility. In Virginia and Florida, an SR-22 is known as a FR-44.

As a teen, it’s important for you to know why you would need an Sr22. You will need an SR22 insurance if you have been 

  • – Convicted of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated
  • – Serious and/or repeat traffic offenses
  • – An at-fault accident with no insurance
  • – License suspension or revocation


Since an SR-22 is required for these types of offenses, it usually increases your auto insurance premium.

SR 22 insurance will need to be filed by your insurance provider who will charge you a filing fee of $25 to $50 dollars. Your SR22 insurance premium will increase due to your DUI and you will have to maintain the same for a period of 3 to 5 years depending on your offence and situation. 

If you are in need of a SR22 insurance you can look at SR22InsuranceNow. As these insurance tend to be expensive, the best way to go about getting one is browsing on SR22InsuranceNow to find the best quote for your budget. 

Drinking and driving is a serious problem among teens that need to be controlled. Here’s what Teenagers can do

Teens can – 

  • Never drink and drive.
  • Never sit in a car with a teen driver who has been drinking.
  • Know and follow your state’s GDL laws.
  • Wear a seat belt on every trip, no matter how short.
  • Obey speed limits.
  • Never use mobiles while driving.


As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your child is aware of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. It’s your responsibility to educate your teenager and ensure proper insurance is in place when sending your tean out driving.

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