Difference between SR22 and FR44

People in Florida and Virginia who are seeking drivers license re-establishment often question about the difference between SR22 FR44 insurance. Those residing here need to know about this since, they’re the only states that have two separate certificates of financial responsibility. For an individual to apply for license reinstatement in these states, they would need to file an SR22 for non-alcohol or drug related motor vehicle violations. Whereas an FR44 certificate will be filed if the individual is convicted for alcohol or substance related DUI breaches.

Once you get notified about eligibility to obtain a restricted license, you would need to contact your insurance provider (or some other provider if your existing company doesn’t offer a high risk insurance) to buy an SR22 or FR44. In case you don’t own a vehicle, the SR22 or FR44 will be filed as per the non-owners insurance policy.

Why there’s a difference between SR22 and FR44 insurance?

Different states have different penalties based on the severity of driving, such as – driving with expired or no license, confiscated for intentional road accidents, breaching certain motor vehicle laws and so on..including DUI/DWI violations. Excluding Florida and Virginia, all other states require an SR22 insurance to restore the license for driving related offenses. These two states have incorporated an exclusive certificate, FR44, specially for DUI and DWI offenses whose liability limit is higher than $50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident / $40,000 asset damage.

This is mainly incorporated since drunk or impaired driving can have much more disastrous consequences. Sadly, drivers convicted for DUI/DWI are repeatedly continuing the same behaviour. Hence introducing a much higher premium via FR44 insurance serves the purpose of keeping a check on intoxicated driving. A higher insurance coverage, also acts as a resource to hopefully meet the needs of injured parties.

For more information regarding the difference between SR22 FR44 insurance in Florida and Virginia, see their individual state pages:



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