SR22 Insurance in Ohio

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What is Ohio SR22 Insurance/Bond?​

An SR22 certificate is an insurance for drivers who are considered “high risk.” The state of Ohio requires that some drivers have SR22 insurance due to a D.U.I. charge or when caught driving without insurance. Once the state requirements have been met, you must keep the insurance for a minimum of three years. In most cases, if you don’t keep payments, they would expire and the insurance company will inform the DMV and your driver’s license will be revoked immediately.

An SR22 is a minimum liability insurance, which means that you will pay the limited amount of personal injury and damage due to the other party in the event of an accident. This insurance is required to be in the driver’s name only and will not cover any of their personal damages to their own vehicle.

An SR22 can sometimes be difficult to obtain. The person who requires to have it must request it from an insurance company and, sometimes, can only obtain this insurance through a high-risk insurance company, which means that it will be more expensive. Once the insurance has been established, the insurance company will send the bail applications to DMV which is generally filed within 24 hours of acceptance. An SR22 bond in Ohio may be difficult to obtain, but it is not completely impossible.

If the driver cannot get an SR22 insurance on his own and is rejected by several insurance agencies, he has the option of joining the state risk group. This group consists of drivers who are considered high risk and the driver is assigned to an insurance company. The insurance company guarantees that it will cover the driver, but it will have a very high cost.

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