How to avoid an SR22 requirement?

How to avoid an SR22 requirement?

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Dodging the need for a SR22 requirement is not actually a very difficult task. The simplest way to avoid an SR22 requirement is to simply be a safe and an alert driver who poses no risk to whomsoever while driving i.e basically be a low risk driver.

Authorities mandate SR22 requirements for drivers who they believe pose a risk while they drive and are hence required to carry liability insurance or some form of proof of financial responsibility i.e an SR22 to ensure that they have the ability to pay for property damages or bodily injuries resulting from accidents.

Though it is commonly referred to as “SR-22 Insurance”, it is not an insurance. It is rather a form filed by your insurance provider with state licensing authorities – Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV), Bureau of Motor Vehicles(BMV) or secretary of state as applicable. This form indicates that you have the state required minimum motor liability insurance in case you are involved in an accident.

To ensure that you are not at the receiving end of your state DMV to file for an SR22, here are a few steps that you can keep in mind:

  1. Do not overspeed:In case you are found speeding over the required limit, you are bound to face some serious consequences. There is a probability that your driving privilege will be suspended for a given amount of time and to remove this suspension, you will be required to file for an SR22.


  2. Do not drink and drive: The DUI charge (Driving under the influence) is the most common form of an SR22 requirement. Getting charged with a DUI violation has some strict repercussions and violators will have to maintain an SR22 on their driving record for a long period of time.


  3. Have an up to date car insurance:Carrying a valid auto insurance is mandatory across all states in the country. It is very important to have an insurance policy which fulfills all the necessary requirements and is not past its expiry date. Making sure that your insurance is valid ensures that you won’t be charged with a ticket and face further charges which further makes sure that your driving record remains clean.


  4. Be aware of your state driving laws:Being aware of your state’s driving laws can make you an alert and a safe driver on the road. You can also enroll yourself in defensive driving or driver safety courses. Insurance companies also offer auto policy discounts for drivers who pass these courses.


  5. Do not commit too many traffic offenses: A single minor offense may not land you in trouble but a string of minor offenses can lead up to a big one which in turn might lead to serious repercussions, if left unchecked over a long period of time. If a person gets caught driving with a lot of minor traffic violations on his/her driving record, the DMV can get suspicious and the next time such a person is caught in violation they could be asked to file for an SR22.


All in all, being a safe and responsible driver are two of the most important factors which can help you in avoiding the need for an SR22. In case you find yourself in the need for an SR22 under any circumstances, please head over to SR22InsuranceNow. Our executives will explain everything about SR22 as well as provide all the assistance needed to file SR22 with your state DMV.

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