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If you live in Florida or Virginia and own a vehicle then it is mandatory to have FR44 insurance. It is similar to SR22 insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility that is required when a person is caught driving under influence(DUI).

FR44, unlike SR22, requires your liability coverage limits to be significantly higher than the state minimum. We can issue you an FR44 Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) immediately with electronic filing in Florida and Virginia on the same day. You can also get a cheap FR44 insurance quote from us. Just contact us or call us to speak with one of the SR22 insurance experts.

FR-44 certificate is required for the following convictions:

  • When the driver is caught under the influence of drugs or intoxicants
  • When the driver is caught driving under a suspended license due to a conviction
  • When the driver is caught driving under a suspended license due to the finding of not innocent (juvenile cases)
  • When the driver is caught violating any federal law or law of any other state or any valid local ordinance similar to the above.

What does an FR44 Insurance cost?

The cost of FR44 insurance cost differs from individual to individual and is determined by many factors including the age of the candidate, sex, marital status, driving experience, etc. Additionally, requiring an FR44 puts you in a high-risk driver bracket, which will likely increase your insurance rates. Thankfully, at sr22insurancenow.com, we help you find cheap FR44 insurance quotes, money-saving discounts, and some of the best deals in car insurance.

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