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Infinity insurance company was formed in December 2002 and was later acquired by the Kemper Insurance company in July 2018. The company serves nonstandard insurance that serves individuals who cannot obtain insurance through standard insurance companies. Infinity also partners with nearly 13,000 independent agents and brokers who sell insurance.
Infinity SR22 Auto Insurance
Infinity Auto Insurance can help you follow the right procedures to make you drive legally. The company charges a small filing fee, depending on where you live. After the company file, you usually receive the certificate within a few weeks and the company will notify the relevant DMV that you are insured with Infinity. To get the SR-22 form, you must have an active policy through Infinity in place. You simply ask a customer service representative to submit a form for you. Along with the form, the company can help you find discounts related to your situation to keep your costs to a minimum.
What if I’m not a Infinity Insurance customer?
Don’t have an active policy with Infinity? You can still get a personalized SR-22 Insurance quote just by providing
  • Your Zip Code
  • Manufacturing date and model of your car that has to be insured
  • Your full name along with the date of birth
  • Your address, email address and contact number
  • Your SSN or Taxpayer number
  • Pros
  • Infinity is affiliated with over 12,500 online insurance providers operating all over the country.
  • Another benefit that Infinity has more than other insurance companies is its strong online reputation.
  • Cons
  • While many of the other top insurance companies are featured on JD Power scores—a company that surveys customers for customer satisfaction reviews—Infinity didn’t make the list.
  • Getting a SR22 Quote
    SR-22 filing requirements differ from state to state. As discussed above, this certificate is required by the court or mandated by the state only for certain driving-related violations. Some of them are:
  • DUI or DWI convictions
  • Accidents caused by drivers without valid insurance
  • To reinstate a suspended or revoked license
  • Multiple traffic offenses in a short time period
  • If any of this affects you and you’re looking to buy SR22 or browsing for rates, you have come to the right place!

    Just give us a call at our toll-free number 888-885-3948. One of our executives will help you get FREE SR22 insurance quotes from top insurance companies. You can compare rates and save big!

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