Farmers SR22 Insurance: Is Farmers right for me?

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SR22 insurance is not only associated with a bad driving history, you may require to get SR22 insurance for a variety of reasons, depending on where you live.

Here are a few common reasons you may need SR22 insurance DUI or DWI or other major alcohol violation conviction

  • Serious moving violation conviction, such as reckless or negligent driving
  • Several traffic offenses in a short time period
  • Driving a vehicle without insurance
  • Being responsible for an accident while driving without insurance
  • Several traffic offenses in a short time period
  • Not carrying car insurance on your registered vehicle
  • A requirement for you to obtain a hardship or probationary license
  • A requirement to reinstate your driver's license after a suspension or revocation

If you are guilty of any of the above and had your license taken away, meeting the SR22 requirement can help you get your license and/or registration reinstated and thus get you back on the road.

If you stay in Florida and Virginia you’ll need a form called the FR44 which is similar to the SR22 but requires drivers to carry much higher liability limits if you’ve been convicted of certain alcohol-related violations.

You can get an SR-22 certificate, as well as your SR22 insurance from your local insurance providers such as Farmers. When it comes to DUI insurance, you need to note that they are not always cheap and in fact can be up to 60% more than your regular auto insurance.

The average annual cost of car insurance after filing SR22 could be $2,727 for full coverage.

StateCompanyAnnual average premiumAnnual average premium with SR-22 and DUIPercent increase

Get a Free, No-obligation SR22 Auto Insurance Quote

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Why Choose Farmers as your SR22 insurance provider?

Overview of Farmers ratings:

  • Reviews on WalletHub: 3.7/5
  • J.D. Power: 4.1/5
  • BBB: A+

Farmers’ insurance offers many types of insurance options, as well as discounts for bundling policies, to its customers. Furthermore, Farmers offers all the major coverage options you’d expect, including bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, collision, and comprehensive.

Farmers offer a long list of discounts to its members, to make insurance policies more affordable.

Top Discounts:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Good student discount
  • Mature driver discount
  • Paid in full discount
  • Safe driver discount
  • Claims free discount


Do Farmers offer SR22 insurance?

Yes, you can get Farmers SR-22 Insurance, If you've been caught driving without insurance or been convicted of a DUI, you may be required to carry SR-22 insurance, Farmers Insurance will help you file an SR-22 for a nominal fee of about $15 to $25. However, this will increase your premium rates. You can call 888-885-3948 to speak to an agent who will help you get FREE SR22 insurance quotes from top insurance companies so you can browse through the different SR22 insurance providers and pick the best one.