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SR-22 Insurance or form is also called a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR), is a financial responsibility document that car insurance companies file with the state for customers who have to prove they have insurance to keep their driver's license. You will need SR22 insurance to reinstate your driver’s license.

An SR-22 form and rules vary by state, but usually, it's legally required for drivers that have been convicted of certain driving-related violations. Examples include DUIs, reckless driving, and causing an accident while uninsured.

If you have been ordered by your state to get SR22 insurance, it’s always better to browse around and find an insurance provider that offers SR22 insurance at great rates as it can be quite expensive.

If you already have an auto insurance, you can get an SR-22 certificate filed through your insurance provider. However, you must note that some companies such as Esurance offer better rates and discounts than others when it comes to DUI insurance.

With SR22, your car insurance rates can increase by up to 60%. At Esurance, SR22 insurance rates are quite cheap as compared to others. Esurance charges a $30 administration fee to file your SR-22. Your premiums could increase as a result of the driving violation. Your driving history, state of residence, and insurance provider are other factors that affect your insurance premiums.
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