BAC Calculator

The blood alcohol content, or BAC, is an important factor that helps determine the level of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. The higher the Blood Alcohol Content(BAC), the more alcohol tends to affect coordination, balance to emotions and brain function.

Controlling your alcohol consumption and keeping an eye on your BAC levels can help prevent harm both for yourself and others. To facilitate tracking your BAC level, consider using our BAC calculator below. The Blood Alcohol Calculator will help calculate for you, giving an estimate of your current blood alcohol level.


    (Beer ~ 12 oz. Wine Glass ~ 4 oz. 1 Shot ~ 1.5 oz)
    (Beer ~ 4-4.5% Wine ~ 15-20% 1 Shot ~ 30-50%)
Fluid Ounces Consumed
Percent Alcohol
Your Weight (Lbs)
Hours Consuming Drink
BAC Percentage
BAC Analysis

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