State Farm SR22 Insurance: Is State Farm right for me?

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SR-22 insurance is needed to reinstate your driver’s license. SR22 costs will vary from state to state and company to company and will usually be expensive. If you fall into the high-risk driver category, getting auto insurance with an SR22 will increase your auto insurance premium upto 60%.

If you need SR22 insurance, the smart way to get one is to browse and get SR22 insurance quotes from various providers and pick the one with the best discount.

You can get an SR-22 certificate, as well as your SR22 insurance filled from your local insurance provider. However, you must note that some companies such as State Farm offer better rates and discounts than others when it comes to DUI insurance. If you live in Florida or Virginia, you will probably need to request an FR-44, instead of an SR-22.

State Farm SR22 insurance can cost up to $1,889 which is a 50% increase from a base rate of $1,186

StateCompanyAnnual average premiumAnnual average premium with SR-22 and DUIPercent increase
ArizonaState Farm$1,440$2,40066.67%
CaliforniaState Farm$732$2,741274.45%
South CarolinaState Farm$495$80462.42%
IllinoisState Farm$602$99465.12%
TexasState Farm$748$1,20561.10%
FloridaState Farm$1,063$1,25618.16%
WisconsinState Farm$386$63363.99%
OhioState Farm$439$73266.74%
TennesseeState Farm$402$67066.67%
VirginiaState Farm$616$95354.71%
OregonState Farm$461$75363.34%
IndianaState Farm$400$989147.25%

Get a Free, No-obligation SR22 Auto Insurance Quotes

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Why Choose State Farm as your SR22 insurance provider?

State Farm is on a great financial footing, earning the highest possible rating of A++

Overview of State Farm ratings:

  • Reviews on WalletHub: 3.4/5
  • J.D. Power: 4.2/5
  • BBB: A+

State farm offers SR22 auto insurance that is cheap while also offering their customers extensive discounts. Here are the top discounts offered by State Farm.

State Farm Discounts

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Good student discount
  • Good driving discount
  • Accident-free discount

State Farm also provides high-risk car insurance for consumers who have SR-22 forms. State Farm Auto Insurance has one of the broadest coverage options in the industry, in each state and Washington, D.C. Even if a consumer is a high-risk insurance proposition.

State Farm can find insurance policies that can adequately meet your insurance needs. In addition, the company also offers coverage, for drivers who drive for rideshare companies.


Does State Farm do SR22?

Yes, State Farm offers insurance coverage for high-risk drivers and services for filing for SR-22 insurance on your behalf.

How much does State Farm SR22 raise your auto insurance rates?

StateFarm offers auto insurance with SR22 at an average rate of $1,889, which is a 59% increase from auto insurance rates without an SR22 or DUI