Progressive SR22 Insurance: Is Progressive right for me?

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After a DUI or any serious traffic violation, car insurance rates typically go up more than 60%. For example, for a 40-year-old driver with no previous violations, the average annual cost of car insurance after filing SR22 can look like the figures below.

  • $2,531 for full coverage, an increase of $1,104.
  • $1,079 for the minimum required coverage, an increase of $473.

This means hundreds of dollars more out of your pocket each year. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Progressive is a top auto insurance brand that offers many discounts when it comes to DUI insurance or SR22 insurance.

StateCompanyAnnual average premiumAnnual average premium with SR-22 and DUIPercent increase
South CarolinaProgressive$756$1,25465.87%

Get a Free, No-obligation SR22 Auto Insurance Quotes

Currently Insured

Why Choose Progressive as your SR22 insurance provider?

Overview of Progressive ratings:

  • Progressive auto insurance earned 4.5 stars out of 5 for overall performance.
  • Rank — 1st among major car insurance companies, according to WalletHub’s research.
  • Top Discounts — Snapshot® (save $130 on average), the safe driver (save 31% on average), good student (requires a “B” average or better), and teen driver (simply for adding someone under the age of 18 to your policy).

Getting a DUI or SR22 insurance is expensive, however, you can combat the high cost of DUI insurance by finding an insurance carrier like Progressive that offers great discounts. For example, drivers can opt into Progressive's Snapshot program, which tracks driving behavior. Those who exhibit safe driving habits can qualify for a discount. Additionally, you’ll get a $25 discount just for signing up and another discount that averages $130 once you complete the program.

Progressive also offers several other discounts that are easy to get that could help you save money, such as the automatic discounts available to homeowners who pay for the policy upfront.

Can I get Progressive non owner SR22 Insurance?

Yes, you can get Progressive non owner car insurance. Non-owner SR22 insurance provides liability coverage when you don’t own a car and drive someone else’s vehicle. It pays for injuries and property damage caused by you in a car accident. Typically,the progressive non owner car insurance only pays for the injuries and property damage caused by you in a car accident.


How long does it take progressive to file SR22?

In most cases, SR-22 certificates can be made ready and available by Progressive on the same day of service. You can file for SR22 insurance electronically and it will take 12 to 24 hours to be ready.

Does Progressive have non-owner SR22 insurance?

Yes, you can purchase non-owner SR22 insurance from Progressive.

How much will a Progressive non owner SR22 Insurance cost?

Progressive non owner car insurance typically costs less than the premium you'd pay for the same level of coverage on a car you own. However, this cost may differ depending on your driving history, your state, coverage limits, and other factors such as driving infractions on your record.