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The cost of an SR22 varies from company to company. Typically, the cost ranges between $300 to $800, depending on a string of factors such as the age of the driver, marital status, driving history, driving experience, and location. SR22 coverage doesn’t come cheap, and companies offering tend to do so at a high cost.

The certificate is a fraction of the cost. The buyers usually have to pay higher premium amounts for their minimum liability coverage, as they are now considered high-risk drivers.

Some insurance companies even demand upfront payment from high-risk drivers.

Another fee associated with the SR22 is the filing fee. The fee ranges from $25 and $50 to properly file an SR22 with the DMV. Further, if a driver has complied with all SR22 requirements, the DMV can charge more than $125 to reissue a driver’s license and reinstate driving privileges.

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