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As an alternative to insurance, drivers in Ohio can attach an SR-22 filing onto a financial responsibility (FR) bond. These bonds are also purchased from insurers and are typically the cheapest way to meet an SR-22 requirement. SR-22 bond quotes may vary among insurers, so we recommend you still compare rates from multiple companies.

Why do you need SR22 Bond?

SR-22 Bond is required for the following convictions:

  • When the driver is caught under the influence of drugs or intoxicants
  • When the driver is caught for serious and/or repeat traffic offenses
  • When the driver is caught and is an at-fault accident with no insurance
  • When the driver’s license is suspended or revoked

How much is SR22 Bond?

The cost of an SR-22 filing in Ohio is quite low; insurers typically charge a one-time fee around $20 to file the document with the BMV. SR-22 insurance quotes, however, will often be much higher than quotes for a standard policy because of whatever incident caused you to need the SR-22 filing. The filing fee is usually $25 to $50 depending on the auto insurance company you choose to file the SR-22. The real cost of the SR22 bond Ohio policy is directly related to why you need to file the form.

How SR22 Bond Works?

The SR22 Bond provides $25,000 bodily injury for any 1 person injured / $50,000 bodily injury per accident when 2 or more people are injured, and $25,000 in property damage liability coverage in the event you are at fault in an accident. It covers you as a driver. An SR22 bond does not cover the car you are driving or the car you own. An SR22 bond will not provide medical coverage for you or anyone else in the vehicle you are driving at the time of the accident. All damages beyond the $75,000 limit (state minimum of liability) are your responsibility.

How to get SR22 Bond?

If you require SR22 Bond, just give us a call. Call 888-885-3948 and our support team is available to help you get the fastest, easiest and cheapest SR22 insurance to help you get back on the road in no time. Get a customized, no obligation, hassle-Free SR-22 Insurance quote! Our professional experts will connect you to the top SR-22 insurance providers after thoroughly understanding your requirements. Compare rates from multiple providers or get a free quote from any provider of your choice.

An SR22 bond is needed to cover property damage and any liability arising from an auto accident. The SR22 bond is a financial responsibility certificate that covers the driver's liability to the damage or others involved in the auto accident.

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